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Assists 9 different countries.

Over the span of 21 years, we’ve aided 9 different countries, but within those countries we rotate between towns and villages.

Assured safety on every trip.

The State Department is made aware of each trip made.

Services 3rd & 4th world countries.

Providing free healthcare to countries where it’s not given.

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Guest House in Madagascar

Brianna Moby (Pharmacy Student), Camden Thurmund (PA Student),  Cody Leatherwood (PA Student), Caitlin Register (Pharmacy Student), & Betsy Sutherland, RN from left to right are in Madagascar sorting and organzing donated supplies and medications to dispense to the nearby villages and town.

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Amatitlan, Guatemala

Amatitlan in Guatemala is a town Medical Mission Teams recently visited in March 2017. Doctor Elry, the head of his personal clinic in Guatemala City took the Directors & volunteers to sight see after church and captured this picture. It oversees Lake Amatitlan and around the edges of the lake there are villages located all around it.


  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Nearby Volcanic Lake
  • Mountainous Ranges


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